Mansion Bay Club At Esplanade Marina Bay

Dubbed the new location of the island nation of Singapore, instead of the legendary Zouk Club, Mansion Bay is packed with people on weekends with many dance music playlists, appealing to the young crowd; Imagine EDM (Electronic Dance Music), remixed house music and emerging hits, as well as good underground sound systems, this 3-in-1 club is large enough to accommodate over 1,000 people with lots of, including outdoors M bar, Madison lounge and the main hall of the manor (where most of the activities take place). Mansion Bay is located right next to the Esplanade Mall, at an additional charge per night.

Mansion Bay Club Esplanade

Mansion in Marina Bay forms a trio of nightlife locations in partnership with Esplanade Mall, including the M Bar - Madison Lounge and, most importantly, the huge Mansion rooms. The entire section is spread over two floors and can accommodate up to 1,000 people, while the central area hosts national and international DJs who arrive every week.

In terms of size, Zouk - the only iconic place, across the street, can compete with the mansion. Although this relatively new place still has a long way to go, it is on Singapore's list of the most famous legendary clubs.

The things that really make us love Mansion Bay are its large dance floor and high ceilings, which both help to create a large hall, in a European style, not in the style of a compact tunnel-like many other clubs. in Singapore.

Unique decor, the Mansion obviously has a budget that is not comparable to other places in Singapore, such as the Home Club or the Kyo Club. Luxurious purple sofa with a wet surface and concrete surface as if it were painted "unfinished" in a unique interior design style. That said, a good sound system, lighting effects, and vastness suit the crowd, which is why you should visit the mansion.

Mansion Bay is full of people on weekends with lots of dance music playlists, attracting young people; Imagine EDM (Electronic Dance Music), remixed house music and hit songs, sometimes with pretty nice underground musical performances. It is also known as a welcoming place through a number of international artists.

Like other great bars, Mansion in Marina Bay Singapore also includes a relaxing outdoor spot - the M Bar or you can go upstairs to find Madison Lounge, a miniature rooftop bar - sometimes as a smoking floor when you feel See things get noisy, thermal clothes.

The entrance is very crowded, businessmen at the opening of champagne to celebrate, young indigenous people, foreigners and certain tourists who want to try to enjoy the nightlife, ... This name is emerging from Singapore. Entrance fees are usually $ 30, excluding beverage bills, while a VIP table for you and all your friends (including a bottle of wine) costs $ 1,500.

Mansion Bay Singapore is located next to the Esplanade Shopping Center - right next to the famous Esplanade Theater - on Raffles Avenue. Currently, they are only open on weekends (Friday and Saturday) from 10:00 p.m., although these times have more rules to follow than at any time.

Mansion Bay Club Esplanade
Opening hours: Friday and Saturday (from 10 p.m.)
Address: 8 Raffles Avenue
Telephone: +65 6333 4083

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