Singapore Flyer Wheel by The Marina Bay

This giant observation wheel allows you to enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the city, you can also see part of Malaysia and Indonesia on a clear day.

Striking among the skyscrapers of the Singapore skyline, the Singapore Flyer is not really an ordinary place. In fact, it is the most beautiful place to see the whole city.

A tourist rotation on the Singapore Flyer will take you 165 meters above the ground, which is equivalent to a 42-story building, to admire the spectacular scenery below.

The largest in Asia

Located in the heart of Marina Bay, Singapore Flyer is currently the largest observation wheel in Asia.

Most importantly, tourists and locals feel very happy to come here. Step into one of these 28 air-conditioned windows and enjoy a 30-minute trip to take in breathtaking views day and night.

Each tour of the Singapore Flyer lasts exactly 30 minutes, it is estimated that each hour of this swing takes around 1000 people at a height of 165m to see all of Singapore: Esplanade Theater (also known as Durian Theater), Su en mer park, the bustling business district of Raffles ... Ideally, you go on a Ferris wheel at sunset to watch the sunset in this island nation.

From cabin space to the top of the world, take a look at the famous and historic buildings and sites of Marina Bay, the Singapore River, Raffles Place, Sea Lion ( Merlion Park of Singapore ), Empress Place and Padang.

If you're lucky, you can also see famous buildings 45 kilometers away, such as Changi Airport in Singapore , Sentosa Island and parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.

For a more memorable experience, enjoy a gastronomic experience while sipping a few cocktails and champagne with special programs in the cabin of the Singapore Flyer.

When you return to the field, be sure to head to Singapore Food Treats, a 1960s street food-themed food court, offering famous local dishes such as "bak kut teh" soup and Hainanese chicken rice. Or stroll through the Sky View Pavilion to enjoy lots of modern Cantonese cuisine.

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